Cyber Security and Privacy Foundation Pte Ltd.(CSPF) is a Cyber Security Consulting & Technical Certification Company. CSPF is an evolution of a journey in information security that started in 1992. CSPF is part of an eco-system that includes an information security news portal and a foundation dedicated to developing cyber security awareness and defense skills.

CSPF Pte Ltd. specializes in

  • APT Assessments
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Application Security Assessments for banking & financial services, pharmaceuticals, e-commerce and other sectors.

CSPF Pte Ltd has 3 unique cloud SaaS products that help to monitor the effectiveness of Firewalls/SIEMs/SOCs (security operation centers).

Our Cloud Products

  • Anti Phishing Malware Monitoring (APMS) for BSFI and other sectors
  • Web Reputation & Security Scan for web portals
  • Automated Vulnerability Assessment for External facing IP addresses of companies.

Cyber Security is, to put it simply, is a passion, business and mission for us. Cyber Security & Privacy Foundation (CSPF), our India based foundation has over 18000 members, over 16500 students and CISO’s of major companies as board members. We provide subsidized training on computer security to all. We are involved in active research on cyber security, web portal security management, and security products.