Cyber Security and Privacy Foundation Pte Ltd.(CSPF) is Singapore HQ security products company which owns Reeja Vajra APT Cloud Scan and Reeja Vajra Web Search, Databreach and Darkweb Monitoring. The dedicated SaaS is running effectively protecting hundreds of BFSI/corporate in five different countries.

CSPF Pte Ltd. specializes in

  • APT Assessments
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Application Security Assessments for banking & financial services, pharmaceuticals, e-commerce and other sectors.

CSPF Pte Ltd has two unique cloud SaaS products that helps CISO of organisation to ensure their infrastructure is safe.

Our Two Cloud Products for BFSI/Corporate

  • Reeja Vajra APT Cloudscan
  1. Surface area monitoring(anti phish, anti malware, monitoring)
  2. Vulnerability monitoring for web/ip
  3. Fake mobile app monitoring
  • Reeja Vajra Websearch Databreach Darkweb(WDD)
  1. Negative News Monitoring
  2. Databreach
  3. Darkweb monitoring (specific TLP red)