If Banks are so secure, then why this?


Do Banks really understand security, if the hackers are able to take down banks so easily, then it is quite evident that there exists a strong flaw in the security incorporated by such banks. Most of the Banks do incorporate SSL Certificates onto their Server side, but most of the attacks generally happen on the Customer end. Though there are plenty of secure mechanisms such as RSA Tokens that are used by the customers. But still many attacks are carried out easily by the attackers across the globe.

Cyber Security & Privacy Foundation Pte. Ltd is currently working on a cutting edge product that would protect the end customer from getting hacked by attackers. The Banks can also integrate this solution which can increase their customer security into their main net-banking portal. CSPF Pte. Ltd. will share the source code with the Banks, handhold them to review the source code and finally integrate it into their net-banking portal.