CySecurity APT Cloudscan

          ▪ Vulnerability Monitoring for URL/IP
          ▪ Fake Mobile App Monitoring
          ▪ SAM (Surface Area Monitoring)

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VM-WEB(Vulnerability Monitoring URL)

▪ Security Scan of Web portals.
▪ Protect customers/clients, employees, suppliers and distributors.
▪ Automated scan and report generation.
▪ Advanced shell detector module to identify stealth shell-codes.
▪ Web reputation scan is non-intrusive testing while security scan is intrusive testing.
▪ Human Criticality Index can be fixed for website.

VM-IP(Vulnerability Monitoring IP)

▪ Identification, quantification, and prioritisation of vulnerabilities.
▪ Security scans of external IP addresses.
▪ Charts for easy human interpretations.
▪ Delta reporting of vulnerabilities (calculates difference in vulnerability reports).
▪ Scanner finds vulnerabilities for CMS system.
▪ False positive & Ignore list for each device/server/web portal.
▪ Dedicated Monitoring – partner with customer to fix vulnerabilities proactively.
▪ Reports vetted by security researchers and cyber defense experts who are listed on Hall of Fame of firms such as Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook among others.
▪ In built Cyber Defense Access Point (allows Cyber Defense experts to manually & securely insert access point) for cloud scanning of vulnerabilities.

Fake Mobile App Monitoring

▪ Finds Fake Mobile App using AI/ML.
▪ Filters out the original app/false positives.
▪ Fake mobile apps are reported to customer.
▪ Send Notice to app stores for removal.

Surface Area Monitoring
(Anti phish, Anti Malware Monitoring)

▪ Exhaustive scan of global phishing and spamming databases to cross-check potential compromises of customer’s domains.
▪ Sandbox application to browse customer sites and check if iframe, malware, java drive by can be downloaded to infect the machines of the end users of a bank’s website or an e-commerce portal.
▪ Automated daily scan and report generation.
▪ Phishing complaints reporting system.
▪ Anti viruses check for web portal infections by crawling through all known paths.
▪ DNS Hijack Detection via cross checking with 450 odd DNS servers from across the world.
▪ Similarly named websites detection using
    a) Advanced heuristics algorithm (even a 5 % match generates alert) and
    b) Automated “Electronic Eye”, a recognition and comparison engine to scan and screen shots.
▪ AP 24 – Uses phishing feeds on 24/7 basis to detect logo spoofing; image processing engine.
incorporates machine learning; Use of feeds from certificate transparency logs (CTL) for comparison and monitoring of logo misuse.